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She loved the sensation of being surrounded by darkness, broken only by the flickering campfire at their side. She felt her nipples hardening again, her pussy swelling, juices oozing out down her inner thighs.She climbed onto him again, licking his body, rubbing her breasts against him to stimulate them.But no, she wanted him inside - she didn't need to 'help herself' now... She loved to see the hot flames flickering, the raw power of nature, tamed for their pleasure. His tall muscular body, his proud nudity, knowing how well he could use that body to please her.Already she felt hotter, yet craving the heat of the fire and their passion. And she caught sight of his huge cock, jutting out in front of him!He watched, smiling widely, as she danced her way to the fireside, proudly displaying herself.'This is what you're going to get' She knew he adored her body and that she could turn him on with a glance, or a smile, or a flash of her leg.Using her arms, she raised then lowered her body onto him, feeling herself give way to the inevitable push of his tool, using her inner muscles to clasp it inside, lowering herself so it went deeper up into her.

She had spent the day making love to him at various places in the forest and meadows, on a carpet of moss and in the long grasses.Even though her pussy had not touched his body yet she was dripping wet.But she wanted it to last and began instead to massage his chest and shoulders. The heat of the midsummer day still seemed to be rising from the ground.The heat of her desire still burned inside her, pure and primal.

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She moaned out loud at the sensation, feeling herself being spread open inside, her body already pulsating as he throbbed harder. And she could take it no longer: she forced her body down on him, feeling him swell and thrust deeper inside her, filling her totally.

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